DATE : Friday، 12 July 2024



TAVOOS RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX                              Another Masterpiece in Bandar Anzali Free Zone



 Tavoos residential complex located at Bandar Anzali Free Zone will be established in a land measuring 40000 square meters in area with an infrastructure over 184000 square meters in area with 250 meters distance to the Caspian Sea and a beautiful landscape. This complex includes two floors of private parking, 18 residential floors and 4 penthouse units at its center.

This complex has 5 lobbies which include general requirements of the building such as custodial room, information and security room, waste collection and shooting system, conference hall, rest rooms, staircases, elevators, etc.

This complex has 6 entrances, 6 internal passenger elevators, 10 exposed passenger elevators at the northern side, 5 dual-purpose (passenger and freight) elevators for general communication of the building as well as 5 waste shooting systems.

Diverse and proper design of the building is so that the vast and unique zone of the Caspian Sean and green rice fields of Guilan are viewed from the northern and southern units, respectively.