DATE : Tuesday، 16 April 2024

Development of Block C Project

Development of Block C Project

-Workshop equipment, including: fencing the land (project fencing); purchasing, installing and establishing a 60-ton weighbridge, and 20-ton, 16-ton and 12-ton tower cranes; purchasing required machineries, including loader, dump truck, etc. ; purchasing temporary electricity for the workshop; selecting and concluding the contract of consultation phase 3 and established laboratory; and concluding contract with different contractors, etc.

-Land leveling operations for implementing foundation and deep foundation operations.

-Complete construction of in situ concrete piles and sandy pillars.

-Complete concreting.

-Complete foundation operations.

-Complete construction and installation of a metal skeleton.

-Complete construction of the shear wall and ceiling.

-Complete implementation of walls.

-Complete implementation of stonework of corridors' floor.

-Complete construction and installation of doors' and wardrobes' frame.

-Construction and installation of kitchens' cabinets, doors and wardrobes – under implementation.

-Electrical and mechanical facilities operations for units – under implementation.

-Construction of the project's required elevators.

-Complete construction and installation of UPVC double glazed windows.

-Complete insulation of terraces and rest rooms.

-Complete ceramics and tile works for the floors of units.

-Construction of the metal skeleton in the northern and southern parking lots.

-Construction of elevators' metal skeleton.

-Construction of units' suspended ceilings.

-Construction of concrete ceilings for the southern parking at the ground floor.

-Complete construction of the northern and southern composite's view.

-Determination of the slope and insulation of the roof.

-Construction of the concrete water tank.

-Implementation of the incoming and outgoing ramps.